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Hawksdomain on 43 Things

Posted by Paula on January 23, 2008

Hawksdomain on 43 Things: One of my first online community experiences. This was the site I found that I love this Social Networking idea. I do not spend nearly as much time there these days, nor on the ‘sister’ sites of 43 Things43 Places, 43 People, All Consuming, and Lists of Bests.

Any of these links will take you to see what I have done or want to do, where I’ve been or want to go, and who I’ve met or want to meet. By no means take any of this as all there is to know about Hawksdomain, because most of the content you will find there was entered in 2005 and 2006. I have updated a couple of items, but not a lot. Everything you find, however, is still accurate. I have made sure of that much!

I chose this site to be my opening post, as it was my first experience within this new age of society.


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