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Social Networking – A Personal History Part II

Posted by Paula on February 14, 2008

I am hoping that with the previous post, everyone realizes this is a play on the new phrase ‘social networking’. I’ve had a lot more people pass through here since my last post, so I just thought I should clarify…

I had planned on getting this written over the weekend, but as I’m sure many who may also have a full-time job that isn’t blogging as well as a full-time family 😉 might realize – sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do! The delay did allow me some time to do some thinking about what I would write next. In fact, I almost gave up sleep last night to get started, but my body overruled me on that idea!

My next bit of personal history in what could be called social networking is truly rather comical, but at the time was absolutely mortifying. To give some history leading up to this experience, I had already joined 43 Things and had even started my first blog on Yahoo 360. I did have a link to my Yahoo 360, but after searching for the photo below, I decided to remove it. My contacts on my Yahoo 360 page are friends that I went to high school with and we all have a very warped sense of humor.


So we have all gotten those email jokes that people forward around. Sometimes it may even be an informational email about someone’s life or a virus alert. If you ever receive an email like this from me, you will see that I will usually send it to myself and then blind copy others into the email. The looping image shown above is exactly why I now follow this protocol. I had sent out an email with this image because I found it so very humorous! My mother replied – to everyone – “Now that is what I call getting b*tch slapped!”

The moral of this story is if you are one who sends out group emails, be 100% certain that you are prepared for any consequences that may arise with people having access to your other contacts.  If you are not careful, it could put you into a social networking disaster!

I have now covered two of the original social networking tools: chat and email.  The third and final part of my social networking history will deal with forums.


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