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Apologies to Jaanix founder, Joe P. …

Posted by Paula on March 6, 2008

Am I really doing this is the first thing going through my mind… Well, yes I suppose I am. As with everything I do in life, I do want to be fair. It seems my post from yesterday annoyed Mr. P. a bit, because I incorrectly called his new site, jaanix, a voting site. Yes, although you do vote for different sites here, that is not the point of the site. The point of the site is to “tune your view of the world”.

I have now played with this site for about the past hour and I’m sorry, I still don’t get it. Here is the list of topics that you can slide to get more or less of a subject: humor, jaanix, xkcd, social, search, design, google, del.icio.us, weird, youtube, photography, web, blog, math, development, internet, webcomic, comic, tools, language, science, funny, rss, code, news, web2.0, and video. I hope I am not the only one who sees the recurring theme here, but I won’t even hold that against the site and will jump head first into the Google category – that shouldn’t be hard, right?

Along with being able to slide among the different topics listed, you can also click on any topic, again, I am choosing Google. The first item I am seeing this morning, ironically, is a submission I have recently made. It does have to do with Google, so far so good.

jaanix - Google

Click on the image to see the full sized screen capture. The first three items, as well as item number six could all fall under the topic “Google”. In fact, one is even tagged Yahoo, but as Yahoo and Google are in competition, I will give that the benefit of the doubt and not discount that item. The fourth item on this page is tagged cheerleading, wrestling, and soccer. The fifth item is tagged math, funny, and comic. I do not see where either of these fit in with Google.

I honestly had no intentions of saying anything negative about this site. I just wanted to go back and give it another chance, because Mr. P. seemed to feel that I did not look closely enough at his site. After looking closer at this site, I would not call it a voting site and I most certainly correct myself for saying that it was such a site. I have seen other sites refer to jaanix as a social bookmarking site. I can mostly agree with this description, but I’d like to add that it appears to be a social bookmarking site targeted for teenage boys. Seems that they really like humor and comics here at jaanix. My step son should really enjoy this site! šŸ™‚

So that no one is limited to just my opinion on this site, I’d like to offer the following links of other views on jaanix:

As you can see by visiting the links above, it seems that my dislike of jaanix is not a popular view. Joe, I sincerely hope you do not take it personal that one woman in her mid 30s does not like your site! šŸ™‚

7 Responses to “Apologies to Jaanix founder, Joe P. …”

  1. This is really important for us, and what you got here is a bug – a way some user found out how to exploit our current algorithm. If you click on “tag” for these posts you will see that the authors tagged them “google” to spam others.

    We’re fixing the algorithm to be more predictable.

    Meanwhile, your feedback is so important for us, as we’re trying to make the site that appeals to broader audience, not just male geeks. The sliders were designed to quickly jump to the areas that you like and do not get the noise from things that are of no interest to you.

    Also since there are very few users like you on the site – (I know only of 2 other, one of them is my wife) – the algorithm has hard time identifying your needs. This is really critical for us not to get into this trap and get skewed population from the start. And it seems that we’re failing. Can you help us? Can we talk? I’m “krotta” on skype or jabber/g-talk/email joseph.petviashvili@gmail.com , would like to explain our new approach and get your feedback on it.


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  3. Joe

    I’m all for helping out anyone! I’ll drop you an email right away! šŸ™‚

    Paula aka Hawksdomain

  4. jonathan said

    I see you have been posting some more at jaanix.. Is it helping?

  5. I have to say, by turning those ‘teen boy’ subjects to the off position and just adding things as I surf today, I am thinking I may end up liking this site! šŸ™‚

    Thanx for stopping by Jonathan! Will see you over at jaanix! šŸ˜€

  6. i must be more braindead than ususal today, because out of the five quick searches I did, I got nothing in the returns at all!
    Will come back to it when i have a bit more mental power and see what it has under the hood.

    in case your wondering what my searches were:
    Santa Cruz
    Robert Scoble
    and Kentucky, which returned me the following two sites:
    a simple puzzle and superior dental care, LOL

    what am i missing here????

    šŸ™‚ great post Hawks

  7. oops fixed my mistake in my website in the intro boxes, had too many https, lol

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