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What Exactly is this Blog For?

Posted by Paula on March 22, 2008

OK – There is so much I want to talk about, so many interesting things that I’m finding that I am simply not getting to everything, and I know that there are sites that I am forgetting all about by not being able to check out every site out there. Part of my purpose for this blog is for it to follow my usage in the different social networking sites, and to be able to be my opinion of how it works.

I know, there are a lot of sites out there that review these kind of sites, but I am not going to try to providing their level of insight. In fact, I can’t even promise the same regularity of posts as the bigger sites. I am just wanting to give the opinion of someone who is fascinated and addicted to the many sites that seem to be popping up non-stop. They are all centrally driven. Driven by people. People like me, my family, my friends, my coworkers and you.

I’m not any type of an IT person. I know a bit of HTML and I’m trying to find the time to really get to play with PHP so I can get this blog moved. I work 40 hours a week for someone else so I can eat, sleep in a warm bed, and drive a decent vehicle. Such is the American way of life, right? I tried to do my own thing once. It was difficult. It was too unpredictable. Technologically speaking, it was several lifetimes ago, too!

Now, I just like to play around with computers. Sometimes I play the cheesy games, to clear my mind, and more recently I have become intrigued with all of these social communities popping up around the net. In reading blogs, I have come across a few that have truly struck a chord with me. I am realizing that some of these people (LOL, no, not all – at least not yet!) are also no different than me. I was recently asked why I started following someone in several different applications. I guess this person did not realize that he already gave the impression that he was of the caliber to have ‘groupies’. OK, that sounds super cheesy, I know, and I am sorry…. but that is truly the easiest way to explain it. Why do all of these people follow Robert Scoble, Steve Jobs, John Chow, Seth Godin, and Jason Calacanis (I’m hoping I win the MacBook Air!)? They are all groupies of one kind or another…. Geeky groupies, but fans just the same.

I hope you enjoy my blog, even if I am unable to post every day.  I do promise to do my best at making a post once a week at the very minimum.  I can always use this quiet time before the house wakes up on Saturdays!  🙂


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