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Monday’s Musings

Posted by Paula on April 7, 2008

First and foremost, WTF did they do to my WordPress? GAH! Guess those of us at wp.com got the 2.5 upgrade, too. It does look much more web 2.0 -ified, but…. Now I just gotta learn things all over again. I don’t know about that…. Main question so far is where the heck is my stats? 😮

Seems that Dan Zarrella is up to something interesting…. He’s wanting people to stop by and take a survey. I’ve followed Dan for awhile on Twitter now and I have to say, my first impression of him was not exactly favorable, but he’s taking my hobby of social networking and really putting some science and hard facts with it. It is interesting to see why people do what they do. If you haven’t yet, check out his post from last week.

A new site I have joined and not had much of a chance to check out yet, is Shouldi. I don’t know if you need the invites, but I got ’em if ya need ’em! I’ve only answered one ‘Shouldi‘ so far and it was someone asking for relationship advice. Of course, these types of sites always have people asking silly questions, such as What is Google – my guess is if you don’t know what Google is, I doubt you would be on this site! 😉 If ya sign up, be sure to find me and friend me! 😀

For some reason, I have been claiming all of my feeds on the social sites today at Technorati. I don’t really know why, just seemed like the geek thing to do! 😉

I would like to mention a couple of blog posts this morning that I found interesting. First, Steven at Daily Blog Tips posted a great article for Part Time Bloggers. Then, Seth Godin gave some basic tips on telling us how to Write Like a Blogger.

Jayhawk Last, but of course, not least. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!! I told a friend in Kentucky earlier that Jayhawks eat Tigers for breakfast. Of course it’s usually Missouri Tigers, but I’m sure we can handle Memphis Tigers as well!


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Wanna FindLikeMinds?

Posted by Paula on April 2, 2008

I’m always looking for someone who is just as unusual as I am, so I was excited when I was asked to join a social site called FindLikeMinds started by a couple of guys, so I did. I played for a bit with it, even taking time between visits for any updates to the site to be made. I was excited to see the Zeitgeist page, but when you click a link, it tells you to click the Zeitgeist page first. So, it got me nowhere, I was thinking it would give me an option to add the same item to my list…. But, who knows what it was supposed to accomplish. I don’t see this being a terribly successful site because, at least how it is right now, you have to enter everything yourself. All of your influences, things you like, skills you have…. OH MY I have way too much and can’t think of half the stuff when I’m asked to make a list. Give me a list to choose from, with common items, yet with the opportunity to add more individualized answers, and yes, I would probably be the top user.

I want to apologize to Rob at FindLikeMinds for taking so long in writing this critique, but if he witnessed my discussion on jaanix, he would surely understand that I wanted to be sure about a few things before I was accused of completely missing the point of the site. So, Rob, if I did miss the point, please be kind in your comments, and I will be more than willing to help you work out some kinks to make it a more user friendly site! 🙂

This site is still in beta, so just leave a request if you want an invite to check it out for yourself!  😀

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A Prayer for the Hawks :)

Posted by Paula on April 1, 2008

Our Father, who art in Lawrence,
Hallowed be thy Game.
Thy tourney come,
Thy championship will be done,

In San Antonio as it is in Allen Field House.
Give us this day our deserved victories.
And forgive us our turnovers,
As we forgive Roy who double-crossed against us.

And lead us not into defeat,
But deliver us from East Coast bias,
For Kansas is the basketball kingdom,
And the tradition,
And the glory,
Forever and ever.


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