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Work in Progress

Posted by Paula on May 29, 2008

Last week I wrote about the name change for my little ol’ blog, Social on the Web.  I had some suggestions and traded several emails with a few different people, and I am excited to announce that I am in the process of moving Social on the Web over to a self hosted site.

Additionally, I have three people who have agreed to help me with blogging!  We have picked a theme, although I’m waiting to surprise those who were helping me narrow down the theme choices.

Our topic, of course, will be social media, social networking, personal branding, and the like.  Knowing that I am only good for one post every week or two, I cannot expect more from the others, so if there is anyone else who might be interested in participating in this new blogging adventure, please let me know through the comments, via Twitter, via StumbleUpon, or email!

Before I wrap this up, I want to give a very special thanks to everyone doing so much to help me with this project:  dOgBoi who came up with the idea and has agreed to be a blogger, GemStar38 and Murple who have also agreed to be bloggers, and Timbury who is helping out with the hosting!


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Introducing SocialOnTheWeb.com

Posted by Paula on May 23, 2008

Social metro in Paris

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A while ago I bought a domain name and never did anything with it: SocialOnTheWeb.com Well today something possessed me to do something and I linked my domain to my blog that is currently hosted on WordPress.com. My ultimate goal is to get a hosting account so I can have a real WordPress blog with all the neat bells and whistles that WordPress.com won’t let ya have!

So, now this blog is more than just about Hawksdomain but something that hopefully more and more people will be able to relate to. For anyone who is already linked to this blog, no worries – I will be paying the extra $10 a year to make sure you can still access the old URLs!

Plus, I am hoping to be able to talk a friend or two into writing some posts here too… That way, hopefully it won’t be quite as long in between posts!

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Time has been flying

Posted by Paula on May 5, 2008

Time FliesAnd I haven’t been too great at keeping up here. For that, I am truly sorry. I have come to the conclusion that I do not think I will try to make too much of this blog. I don’t think I want to join the ranks of the great bloggers, because mostly I want to write just for fun.

I’ve began watching some of the bloggers I enjoy in other arenas and well, I just don’t think I have the time to invest as they are. I have to work full time, or the bills don’t get paid, and that means no internet connection with which to do a blog. Then, there is all of these awesome new social sites that are coming out. I haven’t even done the proper thing by going back to see the changes made at FindLikeMinds. That just isn’t fair to those guys. I haven’t even been back to jaanix for a bit, either. It just makes me feel – like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, but I already have a job to do what I’m supposed to, and this is supposed to be just for fun! Does that make any sense?

OK, so anyway I will try to remember to stop by here more often and at least keep people informed on what I’ve been up to!

So I started writing this post last month, and I still don’t have it published. I really got to figure out a way to make time for this and everything else I have going on! But, first, I think I need to finish working on my Mother’s Day project that I do every year. Otherwise, I will have a few mothers unhappy with me in a few days!

If you are ever looking for me, know that you can almost always find me on Twitter to see what I’m up to, or if you are needing to contact me, really the easiest way is through my StumbleUpon account. I get emails that don’t end up in Spam and I have it set up so anyone can send me a message!

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