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I have created this blog to examine Social Networks and Personal Branding. Knowing my writing style, I will also probably throw a few glimpses of other things that are important in my life from time to time as well!

I have been using the name Hawksdomain for several years now and over the past several months I have noticed that this name has begun to have a life of its own. One that is honestly difficult for me to live up to, but one that I am proud of. The avatar of a soaring hawk is one that I have used for several months now and have implemented on most if not all of the social networks I am currently signed up at.

There are several Social Networks out there, just about anyone should be able to find one that will fit into their lifestyle. I have an account at more of these sites than I can even remember. I am not active at all sites, unfortunately, because life simply does not allow for enough time for me to do everything of interest to me! As I explore these sites and continue to build the persona of Hawksdomain, I hope to be able to be at least a bit more active at all the sites I have joined, and all of the sites that I have yet to join!

For more about me and this blog, you can go to this blog post!


5 Responses to “About Hawksdomain”

  1. AmyV said

    I figure to be a regular reader! I’m fascinated by all the social and blog networking out there, but, like you, haven’t time for it all. I’ll be happy to glom off all your hard work. 🙂

  2. YAY!! Come by anytime, Amy! I just had to create a little place where I could put down all my thoughts about this social networking stuff! 😀

  3. bibomedia said


  4. Rob said


    I’d really like you to visit the site I founded http://www.FindLikeMinds.com I’d welcome your opinion on common influences helping to form more meaningful connections online.

    You can also check me out out my blog at http://blog.FindLikeMinds.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Rob 😉

  5. Rob,

    Thanx so much for the invite. I have joined…. after all, this is a serious addiction! 😀

    Catch ya soon at FindLikeMinds!

    Paula aka Hawksdomain 🙂

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