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8 New and Unusual Sites

Posted by Paula on March 5, 2008

  • The first interesting site I want to talk about is PrimeTime Rewind. A few drawbacks is that it only covers the big networks, plus USA, but you can catch the latest episodes of your favorites, whether it’s Jericho, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, or even Family Guy!
  • Predictify is a fun site where you can earn a few bucks. You can submit questions, or just predict the answers to others’ questions on politics, sports, even earthquakes!
  • Another aggregator for your many social streams is Second Brain. This is one I like the name of… We all know how difficult it is to keep up with all that you find on the ‘net, so what could be better than looking at your ‘Second Brain’?
  • Next is the latest in voting for the internet: jaanix. If you vote up, it is called a jaa, if you vote down, it is called a nix. Not completely sure of this one yet…
  • Does Mahalo leave you wanting something a bit more? Try out Stumpedia! Rather than being told that your recommended link isn’t good enough, at Stumpedia you are allowed to enter your recommended link and then other users vote on your submission. Of course, I can imagine that does leave ways for the spammers to still have their say, but we can wish, can’t we?
  • For those who may want to stick with the comfort of the traditional forum, there is now a way to find what you were really looking for! Twing is a search engine of forums. I just did a brief search to check out how good this site might really be, I am amazed at the number of different forums it searches. If you are a big forum user, this is definitely for you!
  • Slashdoc is a place for all of those old research papers and other files left on your computer that you are unable to delete permanently. Upload your file to Slashdoc so that others may benefit from your sleepless nights banging away on the keyboard just to get the required 10,000 words.
  • College women are a special breed. It is a time in a young woman’s life that she needs to make some big decisions and sometimes a girl may not know just where to turn for the best advice. Young women with a .edu email address are now able to sign up at Chick Speak to discuss everything it means to be a woman in college today!

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Mahalo: A Social, Human Powered Search Engine

Posted by Paula on February 25, 2008

When I was first introduced to Mahalo, I must admit, I was not very … excited about this idea. A site where people recommend other websites. Yes, there is a protocol, not every site will be accepted. In fact, so far, I’ve had 4 sites declined by Mahalo. One was because I put it under ‘Surfing’ and I was thinking web surfing, not water surfing! If there are more ads than content, the site will not be accepted. If there is not a clear way to get a hold of the website owner, it will not be accepted. This is a search engine providing quality results. Sometimes, especially when writing that research paper, we only want the quality results. Sometimes, we don’t and we can continue on with Google or your favorite search engine.

A couple of months ago, Mahalo introduced Mahalo Follow. Although I did check it out when it first came out, I was not swayed to download it until about a month ago. Since downloading Mahalo Follow, I have found that it is simply something I cannot live without. You must know that it has to be good if a social junkie like myself is all excited about it!

When you find a page you would like to recommend to Mahalo, you simply click the Yes button on the tool bar and a screen will pop up for you to enter the search term that would be used to find such a page. Start typing and it will give you suggestions. Next you want to enter your tags separated by commas. Only drawback here, make sure you also keep them to one word tags or your del.icio.us bookmarks will become a mess! Enter a brief description or what you would like to use to share this link with everyone.

It is this next part that makes this tool bar the greatest tool bar ever! You then have the power to send this link and your brief description to up to 10 different social sites! The sites currently accessible are Twitter, Jaiku, Faves, Ma.gnolia, del.icio.us, Google Bookmarks, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Pownce, or your Tumblr blog.

Well, to get these links, I just signed up for Tumblr!  🙂  I tried Jaiku, but it still isn’t out of invites only.  I guess I didn’t realize what Tumblr was, because I had no idea it could take everything like this!  I’m looking forward to playing with this one, but that will have to be another day…

Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!

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